Malco Automotive 800213 Epic® Paint Correction Kit
Malco Automotive 800213 Epic® Paint Correction Kit
Malco Automotive 800213 Epic® Paint Correction Kit
Malco Automotive 800213 Epic® Paint Correction Kit
Malco Automotive 800213 Epic® Paint Correction Kit
Malco Automotive 800213 Epic® Paint Correction Kit
Malco Automotive 800213 Epic® Paint Correction Kit
Malco Automotive 800213 Epic® Paint Correction Kit
Malco Automotive 800213 Epic® Paint Correction Kit
Malco Automotive 800213 Epic® Paint Correction Kit
Epic® Paint Correction Kit

Epic® Paint Correction Kit

Epic® Paint Correction Kit

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The EPIC® Paint Correction Kit combines the ease of use of the dual-action orbital polisher with the quality of one-step buffing and polishing compounds. Designed with diminishing abrasives, EPIC® buffing compounds cut and polish in a single application while the polish shines to a high-gloss finish. Use the compound that best matches your paint correction needs. From professional detailers to first-time enthusiasts and DIY users, achieve a brilliant finish every time.

Paint Correction System Contents

    Features and Benefits

    Easily restore your vehicle’s original paint finish

    Removes minor swirls and scratches in the clear coat

    Compounds and polishes vehicles in one easy step

    Cuts up to P1500 sand scratches without harsh solvents or wax fillers

    Works with all dual action and orbital polishers for a professional shine

    Color-coded compounds and pads remove the guesswork

    The 13-piece kit includes everything you need

    Body shop safe

    Water-based formula

    Contains no fillers

    SDS, TDS, and Ingredient Documentation

    To view the SDS, TDS, and associated ingredients for this product you can search them HERE.

    How to use it?

    Correct Scratches and Paint Imperfections

    Use EPIC Medium Duty Compound and the Orange Foam pad to correct scratches and paint imperfections. EPIC Medium Duty Compound corrects severe defects and P2500 sand scratches while polishing to a deep gloss in one step.

    Center the pad on the backing plate and then plug in the orbital using a 12-gauge extension cord to avoid damage to the machine. Shake the compound and apply four quarter-inch dots of compounds to the pad. If your pad is new, you might want to add two more dots of compound to ensure that you have enough to work with.

    Set the buffer to the lowest speed and spread the compound over the desired working area. Your work area should be no larger than 20 inches by 20 inches.

    Once the compound is spread and your pad is seasoned, increase the buffer speed to its highest setting and work the compound in a cross-hatch pattern while applying medium pressure.

    While working, watch as the compound turns from opaque to almost clear. This means the abrasives have broken down, transitioning from a cutting compound into a polish.

    Wipe Off Excess Compound

    Once the compound has turned clear and you've finished your final passes, shut off the buffer and wipe excess compound from the surface with our ultra-soft, edgeless microfiber cloth. Because it's water-based, you'll find that EPIC cleans up easily.

    Correct Heavy Scratches and Swirls

    Use EPIC Heavy Duty Compound to correct P1500 sand scratches and up and remove heavy swirl marks caused by rotary polishers. Use a gray foam pad for softer clears and a purple foamed wool pad for harder clears. Depending on the location of the correction, it may be easier to switch to a three-inch dual-action orbital polisher with the corresponding pads. These pads are made of the same material and perform identically to the standard-size pads. From here, follow the same process that you did with the Medium Duty Compound.

    Apply Finishing Polish

    At this point, you've finished the correction process. If you desire an ultra-deep gloss, follow up with our EPIC Finishing Polish. In addition to being a gloss enhancer, EPIC Finishing Polish can be used for light correction, including daily wear and carwash scratches. Areas of the vehicle with extremely fine scratches and dull paint can benefit from EPIC Finishing Polish as a one-step option, making the paint sparkle without needing a heavy cut.

    Apply four quarter-inch dots of polish to the black foam pad. Set the buffer to its lowest speed and spread the Finishing Polish over the desired working area. Once it has spread and your pad is seasoned, increase the speed of the buffer to its middle setting and work the polish in a cross-hatch pattern, applying just enough to guide the machine but nothing more than that. Wipe off the excess with an ultra-soft edgeless microfiber.

    What Next?

    Your finish will now look even better than when it came off the factory line, but you must keep it that way. The best method is to apply the EPIC® Ceramic Coating System, which maintains up to three or four years of protection on the paint you just corrected.

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    Explore our comprehensive FAQ section to find answers to common questions about this product. Get the information you need to make your experience with us smooth and hassle-free!

    1. Do I need to handle the EPIC® Purple Foamed Wool Heavy-Duty Pad differently than the other EPIC pads?

    Since the EPIC Purple pad is a foamed wool, it does require slightly different handling than the rest of the EPIC pads. It is important to keep the Purple Foamed Wool Pad as clean as possible and to brush it out often. When using this pad for the first time, brush it out using the lowest orbital speed and then season it. It is important not to overload the compound on the pad’s surface.

    2. How can I tell if the EPIC® compounds have broken down?

    There are two simple tests to check if the EPIC® Paint Correction compounds have not broken down. First, check to see if the compound looks wet and nearly transparent. If it does, the compound is broken down completely. If the compound still looks thick and creamy, use your finger to feel the compound to see if it feels thick and gummy or smooth like butter. If the compound is somewhat thick and gummy, it has not broken down all the way, and you should continue buffing. If the compound feels smooth like butter, you have broken down the abrasive and are ready to wipe off any excess product.

    3. I have trouble getting comfortable on vertical panels. What can I do?

    If you are buffing on the side of a car and have a hard time controlling the buffer, don't worry. Many times, just changing your grip and way of holding the buffer can make all the difference. Turn the buffer horizontally and place your leading hand under the head to provide support and stability. This slight adjustment will allow the buffer to fit under the mirrors and door handles with less effort.

    4. I live in an extremely dry climate. Should I do something differently when buffing?

    In extremely dry climates, you may experience a slight dusting of the EPIC compound. To reduce the dusting, simply apply your compound to the pad surface and lightly mist the pad with water. Next, do the same for the surface of your panel. Run the orbital buffer at the lowest setting and work it back and forth until you feel the foam pad drop or sink closer to the panel. Once this has happened, apply two more ¼" drops of the compound and go about your normal buffing process. Showroom Shine™ would also work as a substitute for water.

    5. Sometimes, I need to get right back to buffing after cleaning a pad. Is there a trick to using a pad I just cleaned?

    Detailing is a fast-paced business. If you need to continue working immediately after washing an EPIC pad, you should dry the pad as much as possible before you begin buffing. If a fresh air hose is available, blow-dry the pad while running the orbital buffer at the lowest setting possible. This will ensure proper airflow to dry the pad adequately. If a fresh air hose is not available, you can spin it dry in a bucket or the sink. To spin dry the pad, turn the orbital buffer on to low speed and let it run while you drag your finger on the outside of the pad. This will speed up drying and get you back to work faster.