Malco Automotive 800420 Car Care Full Master Detailing Kit
Malco Automotive 800420 Car Care Full Master Detailing Kit
Malco Automotive 800420 Car Care Full Master Detailing Kit
Malco Automotive 800420 Car Care Full Master Detailing Kit
Malco Automotive 800420 Car Care Full Master Detailing Kit
Malco Automotive 800420 Car Care Full Master Detailing Kit

Car Care Full Master Detailing Kit

Car Care Full Master Detailing Kit

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The Malco® Automotive Master Complete Car Detailing Kit is the best complete car detailing kit and takes the guesswork out of selecting the best detailing products for your complete care care needs and makes car cleaning quick and easy.

This prepackaged car wash kit provides car enthusiasts with essential cleaners and detail sprays to clean and protect their vehicles inside and out. Offering various solutions from our best-selling washes, waxes, dressings, interior cleaners, and accessories, this complete car care kit will help you quickly and easily remove dirt, grime, and contaminants from automotive surfaces and make your vehicle shine.

Complete Car Cleaning Kit Contents


Malco Automotive is the Detailing Choice of the Pros because we offer the broadest automotive cleaning product line available to the auto detailing industry. We know that the choices can be overwhelming. That is why we have assembled the best car care kits to make your choice easier.

Make sure you check out our additional combos below to address interior detailing, wheel cleaner, paint correction kits, and polishing kits. If you need additional accessories like clay bars, drying towels, polishing pads, detailing brushes, sprayers, or a wash bucket, check out the accessories section of the website.

SDS, TDS, and Ingredient Documentation

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How to use it?

  1. Start by cleaning the wheels and tires with Complete Wheel & Tire Cleaner.
  2. Wash the entire vehicle with EPIC® Hydrosheet™+ Ceramic Wash & Wax with Graphene car wash shampoo.
  3. Then, wax the entire vehicle with EPIC® CR2 Hydro Protect Ceramic Spray car wax sealant.
  4. Finally, dress the tires with Blue Blazes® VOC Compliant All-Purpose Premium Tire Shine and let it dry.
  5. Use Clean & Shine interior detailer and a microfiber cloth to clean the dashboard, console, and door panels.
  6. If you have leather interior, use the Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Wipes to clean the seats.
  7. Finally, use the Spray Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and the nylon bristle brush to clean the fabric upholstery and carpet.

*Be sure to use all products as instructed on the product labels. Malco will not be responsible for damage caused by misuse of the product.

Prop 65 Warnings

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Explore our comprehensive FAQ section to find answers to common questions about this product. Get the information you need to make your experience with us smooth and hassle-free!

1. Are Malco Automotive products good for professional detailers?

Yes, Malco Automotive products were designed for professional detailers. We have been supplying the professional detail market since 1953 and have recently opened up part of our offering to car enthusiasts.

2. Can EPIC Hydrosheet+ Ceramic Wash & Wax with Graphene be used in a foam gun?

Yes, EPIC Hydrosheet+ works excellently in a foam gun.

3. Does Malco offer a ceramic coating?

Yes, Malco offers two ceramic coating options. EPIC PRO Ceramic Coating and EPIC Pro+ Ceramic Coating with Graphene.

4. Does Malco offer air fresheners?

Yes, please visit the odor elimination section of our website to find our air fresheners and order removal products.

5. What is the best automotive glass cleaner to add to my exterior detailing arsenal?

Malco recommends our Ammonia Free Foaming Glass Cleaner.

6. What product should I use for buffing my car?

Malco recommends the EPIC Paint Correction Kit for buffing our scratches, swirls, and oxidation from painted automotive surfaces. EPIC compounds are user-friendly buffing compounds designed for use with an orbital buffer. They use diminishing abrasive technology to safely buff your car without damaging the clear coat. To learn more, please visit the EPIC Paint Correction Kit product page.